Sarah Littlewood- Client

"The girls are so creative. I love going in for a chat and never knowing what nail art I'm going to walk out with. They are true artists."

Acrylic & Gel Nails


We love this part of our job.

Creating beautiful sculpted nails. When you are sick of trying to grow your own, only to find they break all the time. We specialise in all sorts of nails. Whether you like them really long and pointy, short and square or a simple overlay on your natural nail. Whatever your taste, we can create a look for you that will make you walk out of the salon with a smile. 

There is a lot of incorrect information out in the consumer world about acrylic and gel nails based on some salons that have technicians that are not properly trained.

We pride ourselves on the existing qualifications that we hold plus we are forever re-educating ourselves with the latest techniques that come into our industry. When you come to our salon we will educate you and guide you on how to look after your enhancements. 

We specialise in sculpting acrylics with a form, we are one of the top referrals for Bio Sculpture Gel in Bayside and we also specialise in Aprés Gel Enhancements.

We do not use SNS in our salon. We do have a dip system equivalent in another brand that we prefer to use. We pour the product onto the nail rather than dipping the finger into the pot of powder for hygiene reasons. However, we have other alternatives that we prefer to use for the health and strength of your nails. Please feel free to enquire.

Please Enquire for Acrylic and Gel Prices.