Brows, Lashes & Facial Waxing


We specialise in the reshaping/regrowing, waxing and tinting of brows to form a beautiful shape to frame your face. We also can show you how to enhance your brows with our Fantastic Retail Brow Products by “Poni Cosmetics”.

Our Lash lift and tint by “Nouveau Lashes” will enhance your lash look and we have a fantastic Mascara in our “Poni Cosmetics” retail range that we swear by to enhance your natural Lashes.

We can also help you with facial waxing such as  lip, chin and neck.

If you need help to grow or thicken your Lashes and Brows, we stock an amazing Australian brand “Can Grow” that have growth serums called “Long Lashes” & “Bold Brows.”


Regardless the current COVID-19 pandemic, our staff always wear a face mask and gloves for yours and our staffs protection.