In Lockdown and can't handle not having lashes?? Or you’re ready to break up with glue-on strips but love the look of falsies, these magnetic lashes are set to become your beauty staple.


Made of durable faux minx, the lashes blend naturally to your lash line.

These lashes stay on using the power of a magnetic eyeliner. Maximum staying power means that once they’re on, these babies don’t go anywhere (#windproof). But once they’ve done their job, they come right off without taking your natural lash with them. 

Instant length and volume. Light as a feather. And a subtle lift and curl for a subtle winged effect. Best yet, these magnetic lashes can be used up to 30 times, so get ready for lots of glam nights out ahead.

Magnetic Eyeliner & Lashes - Essentials Kit - Vani-T - Lash Voltage


    • Magnet infused liquid eyeliner
    • 2 x sets magnetic lashes (in 'natural' or 'luxe' to suit your mood)
    • FREE compact case with mirror
    • FREE rose gold tweezers to make the process even simpler